FLAURA Data & Osimertinib High PFS as Front-Line Agent

Description: Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD of Yale Cancer Center discusses how the FLAURA data & Osimertinib result in high PFS as front-line agent compared to the standard erlotinib and gefitinib. Although the survival data are not yet mature, the result is quite compelling with a strong trend for overall survival. This suggests that with time there is a great probability that this trial will hit survival endpoint, as well. With the high PFS and good CNS penetration, this drug would be the front-line setting agent of choice.

It’s already been used in the United States at Yale University Cancer Center where Dr. Herbst is working. It is already reimbursed by insurance even though it doesn’t have a formal FDA approval, yet. However, the breakthrough designation is a positive sign that this drug would really hit big.
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Posted on : 01/04/18
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