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Genetic Risk Factors For Pancreatic Cancer

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Description: EVENT: Pancreatic Cancer Lunchtime Awareness Program
DATE: May 13, 2010

DESCRIPTION: The exact cause of pancreatic cancer is still largely unknown, but certain factors are known to increase risk, such as age, gender, race, cigarette smoking, diet, environment, and family history. But risk factors do not tell us everything. Having a risk factor, or even several risk factors, does not mean that you will get the disease. And some people who get the disease do not have any known risk factors. Learn about the latest essential facts of pancreatic cancer, as well as advances made within the last year.

Part 1: Genetic Risk Factors For Pancreatic Cancer
Rebecca Yee, MS, CGC
Certified Genetic Counselor
Human Genetics Program

Part 2: Surgical Management of Pancreatic Cancer
Elliot Newman, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery

Part 3: Progress In Medical Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer
Howard Hochster, MD
Departments of Medicine (Oncology) and Clinical Pharmacology

Part 4: Introduction To The Lustgarten Foundation
Kimberly Johnke, LMSW
Manager, Public and Patient Information
Lustgarten Foundation
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