Immunotherapy in gynecological cancers: current and future landscape

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Description: Immunotherapy treatment within oncology is a field showing great promise. Here, Alexandra Leary, MD, PhD, of the Gustave Roussy Institute of Oncology, Paris, France, explores the plausibility of using immunotherapies in the treatment of gynecological tumors – a field which has seen disappointing response rates in early trials. Dr Leary discusses an array of possibilities, including whether we should be treating patients earlier, prior to immune exhaustion, and whether biomarkers such as microsatellite instability (MSI) may be able to predict response to single agent immunotherapy. Expanding on this, she suggests future testing for MSI to identify the correct patients for immunotherapy and recruitment into clinical trials. She also touches upon not only the use of pembrolizumab for MSI tumors, but more novel ventures, such as the cellular therapies. This video was recorded at the UK Oncology Forum (OF) 2018, held in Liverpool, UK.
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Posted on : 06/21/18
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