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Incomplete Resections in NSCLC

Description: Tracey L. Evans, MD of the University of Pennsylvania discusses incomplete resections in NSCLC. What to do with incomplete resection, when resection has been attempted but has not been an R0 resection? This only means two things, either the margins are positive or the disease is still left behind. For these patients, a re-resection should be done if it’s feasible. If not, then a specific radiation should be taken in order to address the disease that has been left behind. If not, then patients can get chemotherapy, depending on the stage of the disease that was left behind. If the tumor is very large, then, one should get chemotherapy with radiation. If the area of concern is small and if the patient has not undergone surgery, then focused radiation should have been appropriate and chemotherapy is not part of the recommended treatment.
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Posted on : 12/26/17
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