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Institute for Applied Cancer Science

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Description: MD Anderson Cancer Center's Institute for Applied Cancer Science focuses on accelerating the delivery of new, safe and highly-effective therapeutics for cancer patients.

It brings together renowned scientists from around the world and MD Anderson's 18,000-strong "strike-force" against cancer. Blending the best attributes of academic and industrial research, it will identify and validate new cancer targets, convert that scientific knowledge into new drugs and advance them into clinical trials. The scientists share expertise in: Cancer biology, cancer genomics, clinical trials, computational science and bioinformatics, drug discovery, genetics and pharmacology.

It's a unique organization, integrating genomic information, deep-target biology and drug discovery within one team. Its single vision -- to radically improve survival rates for people who suffer from several major cancers within the next 10 years -- is a major assault in the fight against cancer.

The Insitute for Applied Cancer Science is recruiting world-class scientists. Apply online via our website.
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