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Integrative Oncology Complementary Therapy May Be Beneficial

Description: Jun J. Mao, MD of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses integrative oncology and how complementary therapy may be beneficial. Dr. Mao career evolves in integrative oncology, but he had conservative medical training, as well. What inspires him to be open to integrative medicine or the complementary therapies is the fact that patients’ needs are sometimes not met. As a doctor who gives advice to patients, sometimes, specifically for those with life-threatening illness, it would be best to go to providers who are welcome to discuss the situation with the patient.

Doctors might give advices and recommendation like, “Doing this will cure your cancer,” or “Don’t do chemotherapy because it’s dangerous. And, it’s really dangerous to the patient’s well-being. So, Dr. Mao, is motivated to be the bridge, rather than seeing things black and white. He said that providing patients with space to discuss about the process is very important to do further research and to distinguish what’s effective and what’s unsafe. With this, patients will be given more options for the tools that they can utilize to battle this big crisis in their life.
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Posted on : 01/04/18
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