New abstracts outline how MM cleverly evades immune detection

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Description: Abstracts are often the most informative parts of scientific publications, as they contain a complete overview of the entire paper. Therefore, selecting the best abstract out of hundreds can be a daunting task due to the sheer volume of information. At the 1st European Myeloma Network Meeting (EMN), in Turin, Italy, Fabio Malavasi, MD, of the University of Turin, Turin, Italy, had to do just that. Prof. Malavasi briefly mentions that he chose four abstracts as the top contenders, then describes the content of one in particular, which focused on how multiple myeloma (MM) cells are able to create a niche for themselves inside the body. Prof. Malavasi concludes his interview by referring to a recent treatment strategy involving arginine deprivation, which is being developed in a collaborative study.
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Posted on : 07/26/18
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