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New Study On Prostate Cancer Screening Effectiveness - Dr. Samadi - Fox News

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Description: Dr. David Samadi, member of the Fox News Medical "A-Team" and Vice Chair of Urology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, discusses his thoughts on a new study in the British Medical Journal that states that there is no benefit to prostate cancer screening.

Dr. Samadi feels that there is a definite benefit to screening, and that the data used for this study is faulty due to the lack of standardized PSA testing during its first six years. He also places emphasis on doctors looking at several factors that help determine whether a patient is at risk of prostate cancer. This includes not only PSA level, but watching PSA velocity (the rate at which PSA levels rise over time), and paying attention to a patient's family history, as there is a strong genetic link to prostate cancer developing.

When caught early, prostate cancer has a very high cure rate. However, if it is not treated and it spreads to the bone then treatment becomes incredibly difficult. This is why Dr. Samadi feels that carefully monitoring each patient on an individual basis and paying attention to the risk factors involved in each case, along with PSA screening, is an incredibly beneficial process.

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Posted on : 05/01/11
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