Patient Conversations with Loved One Engage With Patient First and Foremost

Description: Beth Eaby-Sandy, MSN, CRNP of University of Pennsylvania explains that in patient conversations with loved ones, it's the best to always engage with patient first and foremost. Doctor’s loyalty to their patients is very important. If the patient brings a family member or a significant other with them during the consultation or the discussion with the patient, it is really a great thing. However, doctors should not focus their attention to the other person, but to the patient. After all, it’s a patient-doctor or patient-nurse relationship and conversation.

So, if the significant other or the companion ask questions to the doctor, it is important that doctors should ask the patient if they want to hear the answer. And, from Dr. Eaby-Sandy’s experience, half of the time, her patients would say “no.” It’s better to consult the patients first, whether or not they want to know the exact numbers or the reality of their disease in front of their significant other, than just jumped into answering the questions right away.

This is the best practice that most medical practitioners failed to observe. They eventually answer the questions from the patient’s companion, which patients might not want to hear. Again, doctors’, nurses’, or any medical practitioners’ loyalty should be to their patients and they should be the priority.
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Posted on : 12/29/17
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