Prognosis and outcome of patients with advanced ET and PV - 100004


Prognosis and outcome of patients with advanced ET and PV

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Description: Recent advances in basic and clinical research have enhanced our understanding of the underlying biological and genetic variations associated with myeloproliferative neoplasms. These advances have enhanced classification and diagnosis of disease, contributed to more robust risk stratification models and identified novel targeted therapies for the optimization of clinical outcomes and enhanced quality of life. However, clinical challenges involving diagnosis, assessment of prognosis and prediction of patient outcomes still remain. As we continue to develop our understanding of MPNs and the biological processes involved in myeloid proliferation, abnormal proliferation, and dysplasia, health care professionals must be kept current of these emerging, clinically relevant findings to provide optimal care to patients with MPNs enhancing quality of life and overall clinical outcomes.

In this segment, Dr. Tiziano Barbui discusses the prognosis and outcome of patients with advanced ET and PV.

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