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Proton Therapy reduces long-term effects on children

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Description: MD Anderson's Proton Therapy Center has treated more than 1,000 pediatric patients since 2006. Children can benefit the most from proton beam radiation because it's able to target certain tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissue, thereby reducing the effects of radiation on still-growing and developing organs and tissue. This leads to fewer long-term side effects and a better quality of life.

Three-year-old Mason Macri was one example of proton therapy being the best chance for a normal life. Mason was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder, a rare soft tissue solid tumor. Radiation therapy was not an option because of Mason's age and the location of the tumor. The discovery of a second mass took surgery off the table and proton therapy was the only option.

Read more about Mason's rhabdomyosarcoma diagnosis and treatment --

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