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Revolutionary immunotherapy for lymphoma

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Description: Immunotherapy has emerged in recent years as a promising lymphoma treatment, with exciting new drug classes being developed with innovative mechanisms of action. Here, Graham Collins, MA, MBBS, MRCP, FRCPath, DPhil of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford, UK, discusses various types of lymphoma treatment, including ADCC-activating monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and traditional immunotherapies such as PD-1 inhibitors. Dr Collins reviews the efficacy of these drug types in both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and some of their specific subtypes, drawing conclusions from a range of sources, including the 2002 study by the French GELA group regarding the effectiveness of rituximab combined with CHOP in combatting diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and the subsequent long-term follow up. This video was recorded at the 2017 National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Conference, held in Liverpool, UK.
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Posted on : 11/16/17
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