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Sacral Chordoma Patient Discusses Cancer Treatment

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Description: Meet Jeffrey Head.

"I'm grateful to be here today, more than I can say in words," says Jeffrey Head of Southwest Idaho.

In 2007, Head started experiencing lower back and neuropathic pain. After a CT-directed biopsy, he was diagnosed with sacral chordoma, a cancer that occurs in just 1 in 3 million people a year.

"I called my brother-in-law, who is a physician assistant, and he said, 'You need to go to MD Anderson and see Dr. Laurence Rhines. It's the best place in the world for you to be treated.'"

After a complete sacrectomy, proton radiation, stereotactic radiation and months of rehabilitation, Head is now able to jog.

It's not a fast jog, but for someone without a pelvis it's pretty good.

Listen to Head discuss his battle with sacral chordoma, including an amazing reconstructive surgery.
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