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Segment 3: Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer

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Description: Several questions revolve around the best practices in screening, risk assessment, and management of early-stage prostate cancer. The inherent risks of over-diagnosis and over-treatment following PSA screening has triggered controversial discussions regarding the use of routine screening. Similarly, updated clinical guidelines are recommending the use of active surveillance for low-risk early prostate cancer based on data from recent studies. Furthermore, several new tools have been developed to more accurately assess prostate cancer risk and potential aggressiveness. The Doctalk: A Discussion about Screening, Risk Assessment, and Surveillance in Prostate Cancer is designed to inform community oncologists, urologists, and other health-care providers about recent controversies and evolving trends in prostate cancer screening and risk assessment, and their potential impact on routine clinical practice.

In this segment, Dr. Andrew Stepehson discusses active survellance of prostate cancer patients.

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