SGO 2016 highlights and trends #SGOmtg

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Description: B.J. Rimel, MD of Cedars Sinai Medical Center discusses the SGO 2016 highlights and trends from SGO 2016.


I think that the array of options. For testing whether it be genetic panel testing with multiple multiple genes. Or is it a ray of immunotherapy auctions are probably the two strongest trends I see here at this meeting. There's a lot of work that remains to be done to see how that's going to play out for patients I think that clinicians and providers. And patients need to be aware of these options before we run headlong into these be aware of the risks the benefits. The potential outcomes both good and bad I think clinical trials are incredibly valuable as we start all the stuff out elements are really appreciate all the patients that devote themselves to being on a clinical trial.
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Posted on : 03/24/16
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