Targeted Therapies for Breast Cancer - Milestones in Oncology

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Description: A dialogue with Dr. Eric Winer and Dr. Bruce Chabner
The conventional treatment of breast cancer is undergoing a major change derived from the development of new targeted molecules that exploit differences in gene expression between malignant and normal cells. Since these pathways are essential for cell proliferation or metastasis, their perturbation often culminates in cell death through apoptosis. Furthermore, because these molecular targets are usually abundant in cancer cells, patients may expect to encounter fewer side effects. Targeted therapy and breast cancer is the topic of this Milestone that our interlocutor, Dr. Bruce Chabner, will discuss with Dr. Eric Winer, a clinical investigator whose research has greatly improved the length and quality of life for breast cancer patients.
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Posted on : 05/31/11
Added : 8 years ago
Category : Breast Cancer