Targeting the MAPK Pathway in GI Malignancies

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Description: This symposium, held during the Great Debates and Updates in Gastrointestinal Malignancies meeting in March 2014, is designed to offer comprehensive information on future targeted therapeutics for GI Cancers, including the rationale for targeting specific cellular pathways in GI cancers therapy, the mechanisms of action of the different novel agents, the most updated data from recently completed clinical trials, and the ongoing investigations with potential for impact on patients with unmet need. Community oncologists are always interested in knowing what is coming through the research pipelines and investigational clinical trials. How these new agents might affect their patient care and when and where clinical trials with such pipeline agents might be available are important considerations in their management of patients with advanced GI malignancies.

In this presentation, Dr. Josep Tabernero discusses the targeting of the MAP kinase pathway in the treatment of GI Malignancies.

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