Update on Study 19 trial of olaparib in serous ovarian cancer - 102017


Update on Study 19 trial of olaparib in serous ovarian cancer

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Description: Jonathan Ledermann, MD, FRCP from University College London, London, UK discusses his presentation on the update on the results of the Study 19 trial (NCT00753545). Study 19 was a randomized maintenance trial using olaparib in patients with recurrent high grade serous ovarian cancer, who had previously responded to platinum-based chemotherapy. Patients were randomized to olaparib or a placebo. Prof. Ledermann talks about the 3 year follow-up on overall surviva (OS) and how there was meaningful improvement in patients taking olaparib. These findings, however, were not statistically significant. Prof. Ledermann further discusses how the trial looked into several supplementary exploratory endpoints to support the clinical value of the difference in OS of 4.7 months that was found. Endpoints looked at were: time to first subsequent treatment and time to second subsequent treatment. Prof. Ledermann discusses the importance of olaparib to OS rates. Recorded at the American Society of Oncology (ASCO) 2016 Annual Meeting held in Chicago, IL.
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